Content feed.

Our feed is our main source of content. We show websites, comments, ratings, and more.

Preview component.

A preview component is what you’ll mainly be clicking on to view a full page. They consist of images, titles, scores, and more.


We use tabs to choose what pages you’d like to view. Sites, profiles, feedback — these are all main pages.


The select element can either sort, or filter, your current content that you’re viewing. Think of it as narrowing down your options!


Single page.

Through the single site page you’ll be able to rate and discuss a website.

View Master.

Single site pages have one our favorite features, View Master. Click here to get a scrollable image preview of the site being discussed.


Leave your opinion through emojis with a draggable slider. At any time you’ll be able to come back and edit your mark.

😤 😕 🙂 😀 😍


Overall, we try to keep things upbeat and positive. Use the comment form to give your perspective, review, or leave a reply to users.


Adding websites.

Ready to add sites you discover? Use our manual page, or, for ultimate fun, get our extension to add sites straight from your browser. First you’ll have to create an account!

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