Our Core Values

Openness: Be Vulnerable.

At Kelvin, we are pioneering and building a new sort of internet public infrastructure: an environment that prioritizes honesty, experimentation, and collaboration. We strive to be open-minded and responsive to input, transparent and collaborative in our decision making, and generous and altruistic in the sharing of information with one another.

Independence: Be Yourself.

We work to empower and support people to exercise their independence on their journeys, both in their real and virtual lives. We believe people have the right to experience the internet without being subjected to subtle coercion or exploitation. We work to create internet experiences that support exploration, the sharing of perspectives, and the flow of feedback and opinions in open-ended ways, without compromising people’s safety and privacy.

Curiosity + Bravery: Wonder Boldly.

We venture into the unknown with a curious and experimental attitude, supporting others in their own expeditions, without stigmatizing failure. We’re not afraid to graffiti the walls of the internet with what we find! We believe that curiosity and exploration can educate, foster awareness, and enable a healthy shift in perspective.

Friendliness: Show Love.

First, do no harm. We strive to be accepting and we choose to engage with one another in a thoughtful and respectful manner, while maintaining authenticity in our participation in our communities. Overall, we try to keep things upbeat and positive, because life is more fun like that!


Any questions?

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