You have questions, we maybe have answers.

1. How is Kelvin unique?

A simple, user-determined way to measure, give feedback, discuss and add context to all things online. With your decidedly awesome insight and assistance, Kelvin is creating a conversation as big as the internet, on top of the internet.

2. How do I rate a website?

• Install the extension in either Chrome or Firefox
• From the browser window, click on the Kelvin icon to the right of the web address
• Slide the emoji to score the site
• Leave a comment to help Kelvin build context to the internet. Why did you rate how you did? What would you change? What did you love?
• Get back to what you were doing! On average it takes 3-5 seconds to leave a review.

3. What is an extension and why do I need it?

Extensions are small software programs that customize browsing experiences. They enable you to tailor a browser's functionality and behavior to your individual needs and preferences.

Specifically, the Kelvin extension allows you to score and review sites straight from your browser, and quickly submit new sites to Kelvin.

4. How do I install the extension?

If you're having a hard time installing our extension, check out our Medium article that will walk you through the process step by step!

5. How do I use the extension?

If the extension has you confused, we wrote a Medium article explaining the different parts of the extension. As always, feel free to leave feedback to let us know what wasn't clear. We're all in this experiment together, so feel free to use the extension in new and unique ways.

6. Hey! My extension icon is different - didn't it used to be orange?

Yes it did! Thanks for being one of our very first alpha users and sticking with us through our transition - you're in for a new & improved extension experience. To load the new version:

• Quit Chrome
• Reopen Chrome
• Where is Kelvin?! The icon should have disappeared, but you should see an orange exclamation point in the extension bar - click on that
• The message will say Kelvin was disabled
• Click on that message & agree to Kelvin’s new permissions
• Go forth and explore! (and leave us feedback on our Feedback Page!)

If you're more of a visual learner, check out our Medium article that walks you through the transition.

7. New Kelvin extension permissions? Why?

We're glad you asked - we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to work with Kelvin! It's important to have clarity about the information we use in order to create your Kelvin experience.

When you update or install the extension, Kelvin requests to:
• Read and change your data on beta.getkelvin.com
• Read your browsing history

Why? When you browse online, your Kelvin extension asks the Kelvin web application if the site you are currently on has been rated or reviewed. Depending on the answer, we update the extension icon to let you know there's already conversation on Kelvin, or that you could be the first Kelvineer to rate the site. We do not include any information linking you with the site that you're on, and your information is never processed and is automatically deleted from our log files after 7 days. If you’d like to learn more, please read the Medium article by our project lead that explains the permissions in plain english (and with pictures!)

8. My extension changes as I go from site to site! What does it all mean?

Great question! For a detailed answer, check out our Medium article that explains our extension permissions and how that affects your Kelvin experience.

Short answer:
• Icon + red circle & plus sign: no one has added the site to Kelvin - claim it!
• Icon + red comment bubble: there's already a conversation happening on Kelvin 💬
• Icon in b&w: the site's been rated, but no one's talking. Do you have something to say?
• Icon in gray: not a valid address for Kelvin to rate - sometimes that happens!

9. Are you building an extension for Safari, Brave, or Internet Explorer? If so, when?

We don't know yet, but we'll update with ETAs when we can.

10. What if I want to change my rating for a site?

Simply visit the site in question, click on your Kelvin extension, and slide the emoji to your desired new rating - we'll take care of the rest.

11. Can I edit a remark?

Yes - when you visit site page where your remark was posted, you will see an icon that looks like a pen on paper. If you click that icon, you can edit your remark.

12. Can I delete a remark?

Sure! Go to your profile page, find your delete-able comment under Recent Activity, and delete! Please note this only works on Kelvin's platform, and not in real life. 🤷‍♀️

13. How can I leave emojis in my remarks?

Be the first to figure it out and win a badge. (Also control + command + space if you're on a Mac, and win + period (.) on Windows.)

14. Do I only get to leave one score per site?

For now, yes, but you can change your score at any time.

15. How can I use this on my phone or tablet?

We have big plans for mobile, so stay tuned!

16. How can my friends join? Can I invite them?

Heck yeah! You can invite as many friends as you like - click on the button at the top of the menu bar which says TELL A FRIEND! Enter their email address and add a personal message because people love that. Your friend will receive an invitation email from info@getkelvin.com and the link to sign up!

17. How can I become a "Most Active Kelviner?"

Looking to earn your spot on the esteemed Most Active Kelviners list? 🏆 For now, the 12 users who have scored the most sites earn the title of "Most Active." Think we should determine "activity" differently? Let us know how you'd do it on our Feedback Page.

18. How can I change my Kelvin profile photo?

For now, you'll need to go to Gravatar and upload a photo that you'd like associated with the email account you used for Kelvin. Then simply refresh your profile page, and you should see your new image. We're working on allowing users to upload their own profile pictures directly to Kelvin!

19. Where can I get help if something isn't working or I want to report an issue?

Feel free to post your comments / questions / feature requests / bugs / general hellos as a remark on the Kelvin site page 😉 You can also make a feedback item on our Feedback Page.

20. Let's talk patches - what are they and how do I earn them?

  • ← Alpha: The Original Kelvineer, since 6/2016
  • ← Beta: Keeping Kelvin cool since 12/2016, baby!
  • ← The Hunter: Joined Kelvin during our stealth launch 😎
  • ← Conversationalist I: started 5+ conversations
  • ← Conversationalist II: So chatty! Left 50+ comments and opinions 👍
  • ← The Scorer I: Scored 5+ sites on Kelvin
  • ← The Scorer II: Scoring pro, with 50+ sites scored!

21. What’s karma?

For now, it’s a simply a reward for all the good you do on Get Kelvin. We believe that creators should be compensated, so you can expect more exciting developments in that area! Right now, you receive:

• 10 points for each site scored
• 10 points for following someone
• 20 points when someone follows you
• 30 points for each comment you share
• 50 points for each site you discover
• 100 points for each piece of feedback you create

Still looking?

If you can't find the answer to your question here, hit up the feedback page. We will do our best to answer your question soon!


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