You have questions, we maybe have answers.

1. What is Get Kelvin all about?

Get Kelvin is pioneering a new approach to web browsing. We think exploring the internet should be fun and visually rich, with member ratings and discussion threads for every website, and previews of each site in your search results so that you can look before you leap. We call it a word-of-mouth search engine.

We've built a dynamic social platform that offers members an easy, intuitive way to rate, review, save, and share any site they visit. Extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Brave (which utilizes the Chrome extension) make it easy to add sites to shareable collections while browsing. We empower you to be part curator, part critic.

As a company, we want to revolutionize the way people navigate the internet and the way they integrate it into their daily lives. The rest is up to you.

2. What makes Get Kelvin unique?

Good question! Old methods of surfing the web (yeah, we said it) have grown as stale as they are intrusive, with endless pages of numbing text-based search results and tracking algorithms turning your browser history into targeted ads wherever you go.

Rather than relying on algorithms, Get Kelvin members participate in a grassroots community of trusted peers. Ultimately, this new kind of browsing gives rise to a new internet—one rated and curated by humans.

3. Is it free to sign up?

As free as Nelly Furtado. 🦅🎶Although in the future we may add premium features for paying users, we don't charge anything for a basic membership—and we never will.

4. Okay, I've signed up. What am I seeing on the home page?

Once you log in, your home feed will show in reverse chronological order the websites most recently added by members. You can see each site's average rating and the avatar of the member who added it to Get Kelvin.

If you want, you can choose instead of most recent to view the sites with the highest score or number of comments or the sites most visited by members. You can also sort sites by category, such as Beauty & Fitness, Food & Drink, and Science.

You also have the option to quickly visit, comment, rate, or add to a collection with the icons to the left of the website image.

5. How do I add a new website?

The easiest method involves using our browser extension. For detailed instructions on how to download and use it, see the browser extension section below.

Using our web app, click + Add Site at the top of the page. Paste the website's URL and wait for the screen to populate with an auto-generated image of the site.

Use the slider bar to give it a rating. In the comment box below, you can write whatever you want about the site or its subject matter, from a saucy limerick to an in-depth review.

6. How do I rate a website?

The easiest method involves using our browser extension. For detailed instructions on how to download and use it, see the browser extension section below.

Using our web app, go to the Get Kelvin page of the site you'd like to rate and use the slider bar to rate it on a five-point emoji scale, from 😤 to 😍, to let others know what you think.

Rating a website that doesn't yet have a page on Get Kelvin will automatically add it to the platform, allowing others to check it out, rate it, comment on it, and add it to their Collections.

7. Do I have to write a review for every website I add?

No, you don't. If you're adding a new site to Get Kelvin, you'll have to give it a rating (the default is 🙂), but you aren't required to leave a comment, much less a full-fledged review.

On the other hand, if a site already exists on Get Kelvin, you don't have to rate it in order to join its dedicated discussion thread or add it to a Collection.

Remember, though, that comments add value to pages and help other members to discover cool, interesting stuff. They're your chance to tell the internet what you think of it!

8. What are the Collections, People, and Activity tabs?

Along with Sites, these tabs make up the primary sections of the home page.

By default, the Collections tab shows you the Collections of sites most recently created by Get Kelvin members. You can also sort Collections by topic, as well as by number of subscribers, highest score, number of comments, and number of visits.

The People tab displays either the most active or the newest members of the Get Kelvin community, depending on what you select from the drop-down menu. You can see how many sites each person has rated, along with their total Karma score. Click Follow beneath one of their names to begin following that person.

The Activity tab shows recent activity from everyone by default. If you want to see activity only from the people you're following, select My Krew from the left-hand drop-down menu. The right-hand drop-down menu allows you to choose which type of activity you'd like to see: comments, scores, or new sites added.

Finally, just as you can search for individual websites on the Sites tab, you can use the search bar on the Collections, People, and Activity tabs to find Collections, members, or recent activity by keyword, such as "art" or "blockchain."

9. What if I don't care that much about websites?

That's totally fine. Get Kelvin is about more than websites; it's about the worlds that websites open up to you, the ways in which they bolster and help you develop your preexisting passions, interests, and career. It's about using websites as a medium through which to talk about anything and everything.

After all, the iron curtain that once separated the real world from the web is gone. What are your favorite things IRL? What are your hobbies and interests? Whatever they are, you probably know a few relevant URLs.

If there's a website for it, you can share it, save it, rate it, and debate it on Get Kelvin.

10. How do I change my rating for a site?

Using our web app, find the site's Get Kelvin page and use the slider bar to select your new desired rating. This will supersede your old rating.

If you've installed one of our browser extensions, it's even simpler: visit the site in question, click on the Get Kelvin extension, and slide the bar to the emoji that represents your new rating.

11. How do I change the topic that was assigned to a website I added?

Each site is automatically assigned a topic when it's added to Get Kelvin. We like to think we get it right most of the time, but there may be a time when you'd like to change an assigned topic to one that's more fitting.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the topic manually right now. Adding this feature is at the top of our to-do list, and it should be enabled sometime in spring 2020.

Eager to see it added? Drop us a line on our Feedback page. If other members upvote your request, it will help inform what we prioritize.

12. Can I edit or delete a comment after I post it?

Of course. Click Edit beneath your comment to modify it, then click Done Editing to save and post the new version. Or, alternatively, click Edit and then click Delete to erase it.

Please note: this only works on Get Kelvin's platform, and not in real life. 🤷‍♀️

13. How do I leave emojis in comments?

We love emojis. That's we used them for our rating system (😤😕🙂😀😍) instead of hearts or stars—or, for that matter, horseshoes, clovers, or blue moons.

If you're using a Mac, press Control + Command + Space when your cursor is in the comment box to bring up a window full of emojis you can include. If you're running Windows, press Win + period (.) for the same result.

14. How do I change my password?

From your profile page, click Settings, then click Change Password. You'll be asked to enter your current password as well as the new password of your choice.

15. How do I change my profile picture?

From your profile page, click Settings, then click Change profile picture under your current avatar.

You can upload a picture from your local files, from the web, or from a linked social media account. You can even take a brand-new picture with your camera, if your computer has one, and begin using it as your avatar right away.

16. What are Collections?

Collections are one of the major features of Get Kelvin. They serve several purposes, allowing you to save sites for later reference, organize sites by topic, recommend a batch of sites to others—say, food blogs with great Thanksgiving recipes—create wish lists, make product recommendations, and much more.

Collections can be private, visible only to you, or public. Other members can view, rate, comment on, and subscribe to public Collections, each of which plays host to its own set of interactions.

Using one of our browser extensions, you can even Collect sites while browsing the web, without having to navigate away from the sites themselves. And the results are social and easily shareable—when you want them to be. Think of Collecting like bookmarking, only better.

17. How do I make a Collection?

Just as a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, every Collection begins with its first website.

From the site's Get Kelvin page, click Add to Collections. On the button you'll see a number displaying the number of your Collections to which the site has already been added. If the number is 0, you've never added it before! Type the name of your new Collection in the box, then click Create Collection.

When you're done, you can head to the Collections tab of your profile to see the new Collection, assign it to the proper category (the default is Lost and Found), and give it a brief description to let others know what it's all about. Or, if it's a private collection, write a helpful note to yourself.

If you want to change the Collection's default image, click Change cover photo. As with your profile picture, you have the option to choose an image from the files on your device, from the web, from social media, or from various other sources.

18. How do I add a site to a Collection from search results?

From your home feed or search results, click the Collect button to the left of the site you want to add, then assign it to one of your existing Collections or create a new Collection for it.

If you're adding the site to a new Collection, click the padlock symbol to choose whether the new Collection will be public or private. Click Done when you're finished.

19. How can I follow other people's Collections?

From the page of the Collection you're interested in, click Subscribe. If you want to stop following a Collection, click Unsubscribe.

20. Can I rate or comment on another member's Collection?

You sure can. On the Collection page, scroll down until you see the slider bar to give it a rating. A number above the bar will tell you how many others have rated it before you.

A little further down, you'll find the comment box. Write your comment, then click Publish thought.

You can also comment on your own private Collections. Use the space for personal reminders, diary entries, or notes to self.

21. How do I delete a website from my Collection?

From your Collection page, click Edit, then click the X next to the name of the website you want to remove.

Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to undo them.

22. How do I change the category of a Collection?

From your Collection page, click Edit, then select the category you want from the drop-down menu. Categories include Games, Health, Travel, and many others.

Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to undo them.

23. Can I edit the privacy settings of a Collection?

At this time, there isn't a way to make a public Collection private or vice versa. But everything else about a Collection can be edited. So if you've accidentally made a new Collection private when it should have been public, or the reverse, you can change the title and category and add or delete sites to suit its privacy settings.

And if you make a mistake, you can always start over with a new Collection.

24. Can I follow other members?

Absolutely. Click on another member's avatar to visit their profile page and click Follow. You'll also be able to see how many followers the member already has and how many people they are following.

25. Can I tag other members?

It wouldn't be much of a community if you couldn't! To tag someone in a comment, simply type @[member name], where [member name] is the person's Get Kelvin handle.

26. Will I receive a notification if another member tags me, follows me, or replies to one of my comments?

Yes, you'll receive a daily email notification letting you know whenever anyone tags you; replies to one of your comments; or visits, comments on, or scores a site you added or a Collection you created.

We know how crowded your inbox can get, so we only send out notification emails once a day. You'll be notified of the previous day's activity on Get Kelvin by 9:00 a.m. ET each day.

27. What happens when I like someone's comment?

Each like either boosts or lowers the comment by one karma point.

28. How do I leave a hyperlink in a comment?

For the time being, website URLs that you put in a comment don't turn into hyperlinks, so you'll have to copy and paste one of these links into your address bar if you want to visit the site.

29. Can I send another member a direct message?

We know that sometimes you may want to give a website owner feedback that doesn't need to be public, or you may want to carry on a conversation with another member that's deeper than what the comment thread of a given website allows. It isn't possible to DM someone right now, but we may add this feature later on.

30. How can I become one of Get Kelvin's Most Active members?

That's the kind of question we like to hear! Here's how it works: the 12 users who have scored the most sites are given the title of "Most Active." From our home page, click the People tab to see who currently sits atop the rankings.

Have some thoughts on how we could measure member activity differently? Got an idea for a cool new participation title or reward? 🏆 Let us know on our Feedback page.

31. How do I invite friends to join?

When it comes to exploring the internet—especially the sort of free-range web browsing Get Kelvin makes possible—you can never have too many compadres.

To invite a friend to sign up, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click Tell a Friend. Enter their name and email address, as well as your own name, and compose a message to explain why Get Kelvin is worth joining. Then tell your friend to look out for an email invite from info@getkelvin.com!

32. What is Karma?

For now, Karma is simply a reward for all the good you do on Get Kelvin. We do believe that creators should be compensated for their work, and we have plans to turn this internal point system into something exciting later on.

Right now, you will receive:

• 10 points for each website you score
• 10 points for each person you follow
• 20 points each time someone follows you
• 30 points for each comment you share
• 50 points for each new site you add
• 100 points for each piece of feedback you create

33. What are badges and how do I earn them?

Much like Karma, you earn badges for interacting on Get Kelvin. These are just for fun. Here's a breakdown of all current badges:

  • ← Alpha: One of the original members, holding it down since June 2016
  • ← Beta: Somebody keeping Get Kelvin cool since December 2016
  • ← The Hunter: A member who joined Get Kelvin during our stealth launch
  • ← Conversationalist I: A member who has started five or more conversations
  • ← Conversationalist II: An even chattier member, who has left 50 or more comments
  • ← The Scorer I: Somebody who has scored five or more sites on Get Kelvin
  • ← The Scorer II: Somebody who has scored 50 or more sites—a scoring pro

34. What is a browser extension, and why should I install Get Kelvin's?

An extension is a small piece of software that you can install in your web browser to enrich your browsing experience. Some extensions add new toolbars, others block ads, and still others give you reward points when you shop online. Installing our extension is the easiest way to interact with our platform; it will allow you to rate and comment on any website you come across without leaving the site.

Suffice it to say that we think installing the Get Kelvin extension is a great idea. But you won't catch us saying that you need to install it. If you do, feel free to respond with the immortal words of Jeffrey Lebowski: "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

35. How do I install and use the extension?

In order to use the extension you'll need to be running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the Brave web browser. Here are the basics:

First, scroll to the bottom of the Get Kelvin home page and click either Google Chrome or Firefox, depending on your browser. That will take you to the download page. (Brave users should download the Chrome extension.)

Once you've installed the extension, navigate to any website and click the extension button to open the app window. From this window, you can rate the website and leave a comment—anything from a joke to a full-fledged review. If you're the first person to rate the website, you'll get credit for adding it to Get Kelvin.

Sites already added to Get Kelvin have dedicated discussion threads. Click the extension button when visiting one of these sites to see its average rating and find out what other people are saying about it. You can even add it to a shareable Collection while browsing by clicking the Collections tab.

36. Are you building an extension for Safari or Internet Explorer? If so, when will it be released?

We currently offer extensions for Chrome and Firefox. (The Chrome extension also works on Brave.) If you use a different browser that you'd like Get Kelvin to support, let us know on our Feedback page!

37. Is there a Get Kelvin mobile app?

Not at this time. We're aware that a lot of people would like one, and we have big plans for mobile, so keep checking back!

38. What is the Surprise Me page for?

The Surprise Me page is for especially curious and adventurous members who want a one-click way to discover the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting sites on the web. You can choose to encounter a random website across more than two dozen topics, everything from Finance to Shopping, from Arts & Entertainment to Pets & Animals.

If you want to add one of these sites to a Collection so that you can come back to it later, click Add to Collections. If you want to visit the site itself, click View site. You'll also see a URL for the site's page on Get Kelvin that you can copy to share with others.

Once you're ready to discover another random site, click Onwards.

39. Can I rate or review sub-pages of websites, such as the arts section of The Wall Street Journal or a specific product on Amazon?

Yes! We did a soft launch of this feature in December 2019. If you'd like to explore all the specific subpages members have added, visit the Sites page, and choose Subpages from the dropdown menu.

To add a subpage from our web app, go to + Add Site and type or copy your URL. If the URL is a subpage, for example https://beta.getkelvin.com/faq, you will also see a toggle offering to add the homepage only in case you'd rather add https://beta.getkelvin.com. If you do add a subpage and the homepage has never been added to the site, it will also be added with the neutral 🙂 rating and will show up on the homepage, and you get karma points for adding both new pages to Get Kelvin!

Similarly, you can do the same with our extension, which also has a toggle option. This allows you to choose between adding the subpage or the homepage, and also toggle between content on both pages within the extension.

40. How do I change the display image for a website that I've added?

We strive to ensure that the auto-generated images for sites on Get Kelvin are accurate and informative. With that said, our software isn't perfect. If you think the auto-generated image for a given site could be improved, please email us at hey@getkelvin.com.

We hope to create a streamlined process in the future for members to propose alternative images where necessary.

41. Can I block someone?

Get Kelvin is a collaborative grassroots community, and we believe that our members should have the power to help us decide which features are essential. With that said, we know the internet can be a gnarly place, and abusive speech is unacceptable. If you're experiencing abusive speech, we want to know about it - please email us at hey@getkelvin.com.

It isn't possible to block someone right now, but please head over to our Feedback page and let us know if this is a feature you would like us to add.

42. Will Get Kelvin sell my data or make me watch ads?

Definitely not. We know surveillance capitalism is really hot right now—all the big companies are doing it—but Get Kelvin aims to recapture the adventurous spirit of an earlier, less corporate internet.

After all, aren't you tired of the lousy user experience, to say nothing of the hidden costs? There will be none of that here.

43. How can I stop getting emails from Get Kelvin?

Say it ain't so! But if you insist: simply open one of our emails, scroll down to the bottom, and click Unsubscribe :-(. Rest assured that the sad face accurately reflects our feelings about seeing you go.

Alternatively, if you'd like to suggest how we might improve our email outreach, leave us a note on the Feedback page.

44. What if something isn't working or I want to report an issue?

Did you know that Get Kelvin itself has its own page on Get Kelvin? And not just because we love being meta. You're welcome to post comments, questions, feature requests, bug alerts, and general hellos on this page. We check it regularly, so there's a good chance that someone from our team will reply soon.

If that isn't doing it for you, please leave us a note on our Feedback page. Give your feedback a title, use the drop-down menu to categorize it, and let us know what's on your mind.

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