Our Mission: Reinvent Web Browsing

Get Kelvin’s mission is twofold: to make internet browsing better — more surprising, more adventurous, more organized — and to build tools for our community that make browsing better for everyone. To that end, we are building open systems that offer a compelling alternative to the most common ways of using the internet today, empowering people to shape and share their online explorations. We call Get Kelvin a word-of-mouth search engine. The idea is to turn the internet into a boundless playground—as weird, wild, and wonderful as possible.


What Get Kelvin is today.

Today, Get Kelvin is building an open and transparent platform that hosts a conversation about the internet on the internet. From this conversation emerges a whole new way of experiencing the world online.

Rate, review, discuss, and share your favorite sites. Add new spaces to enjoy. Join our community-moderated platform and help revolutionize the act of exploration and discovery online.

Open Systems

What do we mean by "open systems"?

Get Kelvin is curated and moderated by our members, and the systems we build are designed to evolve in response to their suggestions, criticisms, and collaborative efforts.

When we speak of systems, however, we don't mean only the underlying technologies or the end products; we apply the same ethos to our organization and community. In everything we do, we aim to be responsive and adaptable to feedback while keeping in mind our core mission: empowering people to shape their own experiences of the internet, without coercing or exploiting them in any way.

Core values.

Want to know more?

Read about our core values and our attitude toward internet exploration.

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