Our Mission: Do Things Differently

Kelvin’s mission is to experiment with and pioneer the building of open systems* that equip people with useful tools on their unique internet journeys. These systems will give alternatives to the current ways of using the internet and empower people in creating, shaping, and sharing of their explorations, both independently and transparently.


What Kelvin is today.

Today, Kelvin is pioneering an open and transparent way to talk about the internet, on top of the internet, empowering everyone to reshape the ways in which we experience the internet.

Rate, review, discuss, and share your favorite sites. Discover new spaces. Join the community-moderated Kelvin platform for revolutionizing the way we explore and discover things online.

Open Systems

*What do we mean, open systems?

Kelvin builds systems whose functionality are intentionally designed to be open to people’s input. This input could take the form of feedback, usage patterns, suggestions, criticisms, collaborative thought, experimentation or something else entirely!

The systems built and maintained by Kelvin are also designed to adapt in response to these inputs.

When we speak of systems, we don’t simply mean technologies or products--we also mean our organization, network and community. Considering inputs while keeping in mind our values, Kelvin intentionally creates useful outputs designed to empower people to shape their own experiences of the internet.

As an environment that strives to withhold any coercion or exploitation, Kelvin will choose to prioritize the fostering of an explorative and expressive self-guided adventure.

Core values.

Interested in more?

Read about our core values, and our attitude towards internet exploration.

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